What to look inside HR Software?

Today trying to do everything by hand is not practical. On the other hand, implementing software at your workplace can no less than be a good and understanding friend of yours. Be it the accounts or finance management, sales or purchase, or your human resource management, a software application that automates your tasks and uplifts your business face is mandatory in order to reach the finish line before others.

With rising competition and advancements in technology, no company can come up with desired results and outputs until they go for strong management tools or applications. For instance, today we have a flexible work culture at our business place. There are employees who work from home or out in the field, employees that seldom come in the office. Managing these crew without the aid of advanced technology isn’t practical. Following the traditional way of communication and management can subject to high risk of missed communications and delayed work processes often leading way to great business losses.

Therefore, to ensure proper employee engagement and management, a strong human resource management system fondly called HRMS is mandatory. The Open Source HR software not only connects employees with the management but also helps in rendering their needs such as online training, access to HR benefits, access to important HR information and many other. With HR software, a culture of employee self-service can be brought into the floor, wasting no unwanted time and energy of both employee and the management.

However, there are many things that you need to consider while you choose your HR software. Always choose a software that precisely answers your business needs, or automate fully your departmental functions. There are numerous choices of HR software in the market, offering unlimited feature sets. However, choosing a software that doesn’t meet your business need in reality, can be a huge loss to business in terms of finance and production. Therefore, go for HR software that answers your real need.

Software compatibility and integration with existing systems can be other concerns, in case, the businessmen are already into the use of one application. However, one can easily overcome this concern by checking with the vendor on potential compatibility issues. Human Resource, being a significant part of business organization, it cannot be played with the futile or inefficient application. The software for human resource management should be one that streamlines the functions of the HR department and make it more efficient. For instance, implementing an HR software can award the managers of business with more time via eliminating the repetitive tasks such as filling out employee forms or updating the personal information of an employee. Also, it can automate any human resource be it employee recruiting, employee benefits, employee training, or employee payroll.

Once you list out the processes that come difficult in your day to day activities, it can be easier to choose your HR software. Here’s a checklist for good HR software.

Payroll & Tax

Payroll is an inevitable phenomenon in business. Therefore, a good payroll management system should be the foremost lookout in your HR software. Instigate whether the HR software chosen can deal efficiently the payroll and taxes. Can it fully integrate the tax filing practices and so on? Having, a payroll management system can cover you with a blanket of legal and labor rights of the nation.

Employee Leaves and Absences 

As discussed in the opening line, it is very important that you track your employee’s participation and engagement at work so as to assure the productivity of the business in total. If the workforce is huge in size, they cannot be handled manually and demands a leave management system to do this. Employees leave and attendance management system can establish transparency in the conduct as both team and managers can efficiently communicate with each other and keep track of their statuses.


A lot of excursion goes into the talent acquisition or hiring of new talents. It one process in the business organization that demands an excessive amount of energy and money. Though large efforts go into it, there isn’t a guarantee that you end up with the right skills or talents. However, a recruitment management application helps to rightly locate the pool of resources. Everything right from advertising to employee onboarding is taken care of by the HR software’s recruitment system. Read the recruitment management system in Open HRMS.

Email Reminders

No business can happen without timely and proper communication. HR software with email reminders can bring wonders in the business via notifying every upcoming event. Though notifying may seem smaller in function, however, has big impact on the business, if something really important misses.

Training & Support

We cannot expect the manager to personally take care of employee training and support if the workforce of your business organization is 100 or 1000’s. However, HR software in place can timely trigger the training schedules for employees. The HR software can notify the managers or other in-charges, which all employees are pending with their training programs or are waiting for the support of management to go next level.

Efficient Reporting

If your HR software can provide you with insightful reports of several business operations, it can be of great help to the business organization to drive better business decisions. The pictorial representations in the form of charts and graphs can better communicate the performance metrics and key performance indicators.

Employee Tracking

This feature can help you in introspecting yourself and your business culture for better tomorrow. Real-time tracking of employee performance indicates clearly how deeply your employees are involved at work or to what extend they are motivated and spirited at their workplaces. Tracking your employees every now and then will help you to assure everything is on proper track and accomplished on time.


It is very essential that you equip with a software, that can grow with your business and can move frequently—even to mobile devices in the field. The availability of accessing the software from anywhere in the world can be a rewarding and attractive solution in the case of global businesses. Choosing cloud-based HR software can save the businesses from spending huge expenditure on infrastructure building and benefit the businesses from making the application accessible from anywhere of the globe. This gives rise to improved workforce management and easy management of employee performances.  Accountability can be greatly improved with these solutions.


If your software isn’t employee friendly and is rigid in surface, it is nowhere to bring fortunes to your business. Flexibility and easiness is the feature that takes any software close to heart. With flexible software, you get the freedom to access them from anywhere, any time on any device. This gives a sense of belonginess to the software application, and employees are inflicted to get closer to the business, improving overall efficiency and productivity of the business place.
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