WPS Sif file Generator in Open HRMS

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This blog discusses UAE WPS SIF generation in Open HRMS. 

What Is WPS?
Wage Protection System(WPS) is a new policy that implemented in GCC countries in order to ensure transparent wage transfer.

How Does It Work?
The company creates a file known as SIF report and uploads it to the Ministry Of Labour website. Then the agents make payments on behalf of the companies. The employees can withdraw the payments using their Salary Card or their Bank Accounts.

WPS in Open HRMS
1) Before generating the SIF report, the company has to set up some configurations. For this, navigate to the Edit Company Data page
    a) Set the 13 digit Company Registry Number. The number will be padded with zeros if it’s less than 13 digits.


2) Now Set Up Company Bank By going to the accounting Dashboard
    a) Choose Bank Accounts

    b) Choose your bank


    c) Provide the 8 digit routing code of the bank. The number will be padded with zeros if it’s less than 8 digits


3) After that, set up the employee details.
    a) The 14 Digit Employee Card Number. If a number less than 14 digits are provided, It will be padded with zeros.


    b) The 16 Digit Salary Card Number. If a number less than 16 digits are provided, It will be padded with zeros


     c) The Agent/Bank of the Employee


4) Open Payroll


    a) Choose SIF > Generate SIF


    b) Give the start and end date, The month and days of payment are automatically chosen


    c) Now you will get the report in the following format

    d) Now you can Change the file extension as .csv
    e) Then Change the Extension to .sif
    f) You will get a report like this


Download Links: 
if you would like to download UAE WPS Report Module Click here > UAE WPS Report
Download Open HRMS Core: Open HRMS Core