10 Open HRMS Features that will Shape your Payroll Management

In an organization, there are various departments to handle different functions. The accounting department involves many essential activities such as payroll management,  salary maintenance, and it keeps the track of profits and losses which a company goes through. Providing a salary for the employees is the basic proof that an employee is working in a company. The accounts department of a company holds the entire details of every employee with all their personal information, bank details, and service details also.                                    

Do you think the maintenance of an accounts system is an easy task?

Well, the answer would be NO. Because it takes much effort and requires a lot of time. On a monthly basis, there are a lot of procedures to be carried out by the accounting department. Before delving into the features of HRMS software let's look at some of the factors regarding Payroll Management.

Payroll management is a crucial part of the business and the main function of payroll management is keeping an account of the employee's earnings and managing salaries, installments, deductions, net pay, bonus, etc. we can say that payroll management is the process of handling the financial matters of an organization. With the help of HRMS software, payroll management reaps a good comprehension of the finances of a business. It is easy to access and simplifies complex tasks.


OpenHRMS is an efficient HR software that offers a number of benefits to the employees as well as the organization. OpenHRMS includes different modules such as Recruitment, Timesheets, Attendance, Employees, Payroll, Discuss, Leaves, Expenses, etc. OpenHRMS software is a solution for the complexities of HR professionals and it performs all functions in an organization. We can say that OpenHRMS is an all-in-one management software. This module helps to manage the complex payroll system.

For every employee, the monthly salary is their income for them. Once it is not credited with the actual pay, it will lead to clashes among the whole management including the employee's trust and satisfaction. For every company, an effective system is required to lead to a successful journey. To improve the productivity and efficiency of the employees a well-managed system is required and that is OpenHRMS.

Payroll management helps in automating payroll tasks and it customizes payroll processes. The wages and taxes of a company are automatic gets calculated.

Another important question that arises is how to select a system for payroll management.

No matter whether the company is large or small, everything depends upon the selection of good software. In an organization, there are strategies like remuneration, bonuses, leave, deductions, salaries, etc. so all these tasks are very difficult to maintain. For such a tiring process better software is needed and we can prefer OpenHRMS payroll software. With this single platform, it can track employee hours, and tax deductions. The payroll management software brings employee satisfaction so it generates motivation among the employees. Let us discuss about the HR Management Software Features in Payroll Management software and how it helps the organization

Benefits of payroll management system

There are several benefits to payroll management systems. Some of them are as follows.

Manage the details of the employees

It manages the personal information of the employees and we can store them. Whenever it is needed we can access it. Details include the employee's name, age, job positions, experience, salary details, etc.


The manual entering of the details and data produces a lot of wastage of time. With the help of payroll software, it saves a lot of time. 


It secures all types of information. The security factor should be considered important.


It is a flexible software that can accommodate the growth of any type of businesses.


Employees receives accurate payments without any deductions.


Payroll software is very easy to use without many complexities and it reduces heavy burdens that a company owns.

The above-mentioned are some of the benefits of payroll management.

Now let us look at the ten OpenHRMS features that will shape Payroll Management.

1. Automation of payroll-related activities

Payroll automation is the process of delivering employee payments, collecting, organizing, and storing the data of attendance, and employee time and it performs complex calculations very easily. We can say that the manual processes get eliminated with the automation process of payroll.

2. Calculation of the salary

There are numerous employees working in an organization. Providing salaries for every employee is a tedious task. The manual work is time-consuming and it creates lots of dilemmas while performing the functions. With the help of OpenHRMS payroll management, the manual calculations, and the calculation errors come to an end. The main feature of payroll management is that it calculates and generates payslips. Everything is calculated automatically. So it is a great relief to the HR professionals.

3. Payroll system keeps the data secure.

When we use physical documents, there is a chance of getting lost or it could be misplaced by anyone. So keeping physical documents is always a task for the HR department. We know that the payroll automation system is highly sensitive. A payroll system can help to secure the data and can be safe from being lost.   

4. Tool for time-saving

Earlier employees used to track their time using paper or spreadsheets. When using paper works, it is always a headache for the employees. Because it requires various processes like collecting information, writing and reviewing, etc.

This turns out to be a waste of valuable time which is very essential for the employees to work. The payroll system helps to get rid of all such paper works and it acts as a tool for time-saving. If the time is saved all the employees can utilize their productive time for many other things. Such usage of the software should be promoted.

5. Provides employee self-service

The employees can access the information about their salary, loans, and payslips, and they can view their own working hours, etc whenever they need. So the benefits brought by this self-service system are that it brings more transparency and makes them independent to evaluate their journey once everything comes to their hands.

6. Enhances accessibility

The payroll system stores all kinds of records containing the history of employees, their salaries, payment history, etc. it allows for greater accessibility of payroll operations.

7. Improves the HR functions

Some of the HR tasks of payroll management include Recruitment, attendance, enrollment, and monitorization of the employees, etc.

HR professionals use the OpenHRMS payroll system because it is easy to use with less effort. It is no more a tedious task for HR to deal with employee pay. Finance management gets easier and leads to error-free calculations. Thus we can say that the functions of HR get improved by clinging to the payroll system. It improves HR performance.

8. Easier pay slip generation

The process of payslip generation was a time-consuming task during the earlier days. The HR department finds it one of the most unpleasant tasks they had because when someone wants to change anything in the payslip, it requires many processes, and things get more complicated. Once they need to modify some changes in the payslip the HR team has to go through the process of creating the payslip which is done in the beginning. so it creates overwork and confusion. OpenHRMS payroll reduces the chance of errors with its automated function. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about HRMS Pay Slip. HRMS Pay Slip

9. Ensures efficiency and profitability

The implementation of the OpenHRMS payroll software provides an error-free workforce. So it ensures efficiency for the employee and employees. When there is the hype about efficiency, automatically all kinds of businesses reap profitability. These two factors are very essential for the development of an organization.

10. Maximize employee satisfaction

The OpenHRMS payroll system increases employee satisfaction by reducing the errors and complexity of accounting and finance. So the advanced features of this system bring an employee experience. A  payroll management system leads a business to good administration power. Employee satisfaction matters a lot, especially in these modern business strategies.What Are the Biggest Challenges for HR in 2022

To put it short, running an OpenHRMS payroll software brings ultimate growth to a company. A complete understanding of the payroll software is needed. There are many HRMS software available. Among them, one of the most beneficial software is OpenHRMS software. For managing employee payroll in the company, OpenHRMS payroll software is one of the most efficient ones which is available in the market. 

With this single platform, it can track employee hours, and tax deductions. Payroll management software has another benefit, which is that automatic payslips are received by the employees. Thus we can say that payroll management is a quick, efficient, and cost-effective platform. And it eliminates paper works, manual paychecks, etc. it is cost-effective, flexible software that any type of business can easily adapt to it. The OpenHRMS payroll management software. It is an essential aspect of businesses. Without this, no business can survive and it keeps the business compliant with the regulations of the government.

Can manage all sorts of payroll processing and this can be very comfortable and hassle-free. It helps companies to keep track of their finances. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about types of HRMS. Types of HRMS