How to Manage Employee Payslip with Open HRMS?

Open HRMS is a total solution for all human resources management worries of an organization. Whatever be your employee-related issues, Open HRMS offers you a complete solution. It can help you manage different tasks simultaneously without much effort. Every task related to employee management gets quick once you embrace Open HRMS. 

Payroll management is an important feature of Open HRMS that enables you to manage all employee payment-related operations effortlessly. Under the payroll module, we can find an option called payslip. This function will help the employer and the human resources wing to manage salary payment. Besides, it also enables the management of payslips in batches.

Before going into payslip details and how Open HRMS helps in payslip generation and management, we can get an idea about what is payslip and what are its components?


A payslip, which is also known as a salary slip, is a document that manages and lists out every element included in the salary of the employee. As you know salary includes different components including allowances. All these components will be listed out in the payslip in an orderly manner helping the employer as well as the employee to get a clear idea about the salary details and the pay cuts. 

The employer issues the payslip to an employee for a period. This will have the details of all components like deductions, taxes, etc. It will also have the details of the total salary that the employee will be receiving for the month after all deductions and tax cuts.

Let us first have a glance at the key components in a payslip.

> Income

> Allowances

> Benefit

> Taxes

> Reimbursements

The payslip will contain information like total workdays, absent days, basic salary, HRA, special allowances, provident fund, LOP days, taxes, other allowances, etc.

As we have discussed the key elements in Payslip we can now move on to the Open HRMS payslip.

Payslip management in Open HRMS

Open HRMS as we know offers you support for generating and managing an error-free and professional salary slip.

To make use of the payslip feature in Open HRMS, you have to first install Open HRMS developed by Cybrosys.


After installing Open HRMS, we can go to the modules to find Payroll


Payroll is the module where we can access the payslip feature. Let us enter the payroll module to check what we can do using pays lip.


In the above-given screenshot, we can find different operations. As we are now learning about employee payslip generation we can directly move to Employee Payslip.

To access this you have to go to Open HRMS > Payroll > Employee payslip

Then we will get a window as given below


On this page, you can view already created payslips. We can also make use of this page to create new payslips.

To create a new payslip click on CREATE option


Here, we can find many fields. Let us check the key fields and what we have to fill in to create the form.

Employee: Here, you can select the employee name from the dropdown menu. If you are creating a payslip for a new employee then you can use the create option in the dropdown menu and create a new employee.


Period: Here, period means the payment or salary period. That is if the payslip is for February salary the salary period will be from 02/01/2021 to 2/28/2021. 

The user can add references and GOSI references also in the respective fields. 

Note: GOSI reference is exclusively for Saudi Arabia

Contract: By clicking on the contract field, the user will be able to upload the contract details. The user will also be able to create a new contract from here. As the salary depends on the contract condition this field is important.

Structure: Structure decides the salary structure for a particular category of employees

Payslip Name: The title that you want to appear on the payslip. It could include the name of the person and the period of the salary.

In this Employee Payslip form, we can find Four Tabs

Worked Days and Inputs, Salary Computation, Details by salary rule category, and accounting information.


Let us find what is given under each head

Worked Days and Inputs

Here, we can add lines to give descriptions, the code number of work days, and the number of work hours. This will enable you to calculate the total payable hours and days. As the contract condition regarding payment will be taken into account this feature eases the HRMS pay slip preparation.

Salary Computation


Here we can find different columns named name, code, category, quantity, rate, rule, amount, and total.


Once we complete the form we can move to other tabs


The above-given screenshot shows you details by salary rule category

Now we can check the Accounting information tab


Save the changes. Then we will get this window 


Here, on the top, we can find two tabs- Confirm and Compute Sheet. 

Click on the Compute Sheet option and you will get the salary computed sheets as given below


We can also click on the payslip icon to view the computation sheets


On completing the form we can confirm the payslip.


On clicking the confirm button the status of the payslip will change from Draft to Done.


Now we can return to the Employee pay slippage.

Here we can find the new payslip added.


The status of the payslip is Done. 

Open HRMS will surely help you manage the payslip in the most comprehensive way. It also supports the management of payslips in batches. You can make use of Cybrosys’s Open HRMS for the smooth operation of your business irrespective of its size. 

This is a brief description of how to manage a payslip using Open HRMS. If you are interested in knowing more about Payslip management or other functionalities of Open HRMS you can visit our website