Employee Payslips and Payslips Batches in the OpenHRMS Payroll

OpenHRMS is one of the best open-source HR management software that gives strength to meet employees' performance and the organization's deliberate objectives. The human resources terminology can actively contribute to the success of your organization. The OpenHRMS Platform is composed of various HR modules and acts as a complete solution for all HR-related worries. The platform also includes a well-defined Payroll management tool that will allow you to manage every payroll operation of your organization.

This blog will give you an insight into the management of two major operations in the Payroll software, Employee Payslips, and Payslips Batches.

For accessing the dynamic Payroll Management module, you can install the OpenHRMS software. After installing the OpenHRMS software, it is easy to find the Payroll software along with the other excellent HR modules. You can have the visual representation of the window below.


For entering into the OpenHRMS Payroll module, you can select the Payroll module from this OpenHRMS modules window. Then you will be able to view and operate the exclusive HR module. The home dashboard window of the OpenHRMS software displays the Employee Payslips details. In this Employee Payslips window, all the already created Employee Payslips are displayed along with the details of the Employee, Payslip Name, Date from, Date to, Status of the employee payslip, and the name of the Company. The records in the Employee Payslips can be viewed in two ways such as List view and Kanban view. The List view of the Employee payslips window is depicted below. 


When you have a bundle of Employee Payslips, you can easily manage and sort them out by using the sorting functionalities available. These can be viewed in the top right portion of the window that will include the Filters, Group By, and Favourite Search options.

A payslip or the salary slip can be defined as an important HR document or record with information about every aspect associated with the salary of the employee. The payslips are delivered to the employee every month. Manually creating and keeping all these records is a tedious task. By implementing OpenHRMS Payroll software, you can create and configure the payslips digitally to your employees and the soft copies can be mailed to them with ease. 

OpenHRMS Payroll software can help you to generate and customize employee payslips in a dynamic way. You can create new Employee Payslips using the Create icon available in the Employee Payslips window. Upon selecting the button, you will be entered into the Employee Payslips creation window as portrayed in the below image.



In the Payslip creation window, initially, you can add the Employee details, the Period of the Payslip can be included the start date and the end date. Then you can mention the Reference. Additionally, a Payslip Name can be given to the record. If the salary depends on the contract condition, the contract details can be given under the field Contract. Then the Salary structure can be defined in the provided space. Here you can define the rules that have to be applied to these payslips based upon the contract selected. It is not a mandatory field and if you leave this field empty, all the rules set on the structure of all contacts of the employee will be valid for the chosen period. Also, you can enable or disable the Credit Note option and this option is meant for indicating this payslip as a refund of another. Aside from these options, you can also find four tabs in the creation window. The first tab Worked Days & Inputs allows you to add the details of the working days of a particular employee. This can include the details such as Description, the code number of worked days, Number of Workdays, Number of Work Hours, and Contract. These details will help you to calculate the total payable days and hours. In the same way, you can also add the other inputs by selecting the Add a line option available under the Other Inputs option. 

Now let us move on to the Salary Computation tab, here we can provide the details required for salary computation. This will include the details such as Name, Code, Category, Quantity, the rate in percent, rule, amount. If you give all these details, the total amount will be auto-allocated.


The image of the Details By Salary Rule Category tab is presented below.


Now under the Accounting Information tab, you can include the Miscellaneous and Accounting details. It is also allowed to add an internal note in the provided space. After providing all these details you can click on the Save button to save the details.

Now we discussed all the important aspects of the Payslip creation window of the OpenHRMS Payroll module. If you want to know how to manage employee payslips in detail, you can refer to the blog. How to Manage Employee Payslip with Open HRMS?

Now let us discuss the Payslips Batches feature available in the OpenHRMS Payroll module

Payslips Batches

The OpenHRMS Payroll software allows you to easily manage Payslips and Payslips Batches. Now you can process payslips for your employees in a fast and efficient way The Payslip Batches option available in the OpenHRMS Payroll will assist you to define various Payslips Batches. This will be very useful for easier reporting and grouping. Now you can easily group or filter Payslips Batches with a specific type. The screenshot given below gives you a visual image of the Payslips Batches window of the OpenHRMS Payroll module. 


In the Payslip Batches window, you can view all the predefined Payslip Batches along with the details of Payslip Batches Name, Date From, Date To, Salary Journal, Credit Note, and Status. For creating new Payslip Batches, you can press on the Create icon available in the top left corner. The Payslips Batches Creation form is depicted below. 


In this creation form, you can define a Name for the Payslips Batches. The Period will be auto allocated. Then you have the Credit Note option. If you check the box, it indicates that all the payslips generated from here are refund payslips. The Salary journal option along with the Company can be allocated. In addition, you can mention the Payslips by clicking on the Add a line option available. After completing all the mentioned steps, you can press the Save button to save the details. 

The OpenHRMS platform brings you high flexibility for configuring various types of Payslips and payslip Batches. These advanced features in the module facilitate better analysis of the Payroll data.