Do you know what is HR Automation Software?

With rising globalization and diversified workforce, efficient human resource management has become a must factor for any business organization. Be it the recruitment management, employee attendance management, performance management or complying to the country labor laws. A robust human resource management system within workspace has become an indispensable tool for brighter tomorrow.

Earlier, the HR was seen as a manual departmental process, where you roll up your sleeves, flip through paper files, underscore certain elements and getting the things done themselves. However, with the rising employee management needs, the traditional legacy management practices are being of no use, seems to be inefficient to produce adequate results and changes. In short, resulting in no anticipated outcomes.

It has thus called for the play of technical invasion.

Soon everything got changed in the field of human resource with the outbreak of technologies. The legacy practice is put to stop. The manual processing got completely ruled out from the desk giving place to the transformative HR Management software.

This soon witnessed a qualitative, result-oriented and strengthened HR processes. An era of automation got opened in the HR space. Every element that came under the roof of the HR process were getting automated giving much ease to the workforce. There was no demand for the productive time of employees in catering to the administrative works, rather shifting them towards more strategic and productive works aiming professional and personal excellence.

Though HR Automation Software comes with great slices of profits to the employees, many fear that it will evade the space of workers. There exists a wrong notion among the people that, the company goes for HR automation software just because their employees are getting obsolete to perform tasks. However, this is not true.

HR Automation Software aim in further enhancing the capacity of employees to turn them more proficient in work, engage them more in the strategic development of the company and generate more ROI with lesser costs and time. It is all about optimizing the costs and streamlining the business workflows. If the employees succeed in adapting to the coming changes (according to the software) it is no doubt that they are going to be par excellent in their work.

What Is HR Automation?

HR automation is the path towards improving the proficiency of the HR division by liberating employees from dull manual undertakings. It is the process of enabling the employees to concentrate more on complex assignments like basic leadership and strategizing. Via automating standard and dreary HR exercises, the business organizations can drastically decrease their expenses and time they spend on manual HR planning.

Strategic Human Resource Management Using Automation

Strategic human resource management is a futuristic step towards more glittering growth of your company. It helps in distinguishing the long term uses of employee talents as uncovered by HR data. Where conventional HR management generally actualizes the orders from top-level, with strategic HR management using automation, the workers can concentrate more on progressively key jobs of HR like talent forecasts, pipeline succession, as it frees from paper shuffling and other manual managements.


Are you staying away from HR Automation Software? 

One can reap indispensable benefits from HR automation. Right from hiring new talents, offering them onboarding training, engaging them in performing tasks, monitoring attendances and leaves, and taking care of employees’ payroll and benefits, HR automation software simply enhances everything via automation. It makes sure that no process is left with one wheel behind the finish line. The HR professionals and managers can thereby assure everything is streamlined, organized, and well-placed. However, if you are refraining from deploying HR Automation software at your business place, your organization is likely to face certain deficiencies. Have a look: 

1. Employees become dull if they are put to perform monotonous tasks. This gradually decreases their efficiency as the work no more interests them.

2. With an increased number of employees, the more the workload. Manual monitoring of employee leaves, manual calculation of employee payrolls, and manual monitoring of employee work hours often pave ways to mistakes. However, via automating all these HR processes, your business gets saved from manual prone mistakes and errors.


3. You are likely to face the problem of employee retention. You might be amused thinking of how software and employee retention connects each other. Yes! they do. Via automating every HR processes, you establish a platform of trust and transparency. Features like Employee Appraisal, Employee Feedback in HR software often pays way to the quick resolution of your employee problems, stopping them from having a bad experience with the company. An HR Automation Software in the workplace can streamline the employee development activities like Employee Training, boosting the confidence and retention rate of the employees. 


Open HRMS is an open-source human resource management software with the capability to automate every HR needs of your business. Open HRMS Recruitment Management Module helps your business organization to scrutinize aspirants from the large list, thus placing the right talent in the seat.

The Open HRMS Timesheet Management Module makes sure that your employees are right on track and is fulfilling every duty on time. It records the employee work hours and thus helps in precisely calculating the payroll of the employee based on his workhour.

Open HRMS Attendance Management Module gives insightful reports on the employee leave history and employee leave patterns. Both management and employees greatly benefit from this module. The employee can get the details of his pending leaves and also easily apply for new leaves addressing to his superior. On the other hand, the manager can see who all under him is on leave and can thereby allocate the substitute for the absentee. Isn’t it that easy?

Open HRMS Dashboard is the most interesting and appealing feature to any business organization. You get acquainted with many insightful reports to generate intelligent business decisions. All vital information pertaining to a business organization can be easily accessed through Open HRMS Dashboard. Various information like payslips generated, running contracts, and timesheets are made available here. Adding further, it also displays the current username, position, joined details, and birthdays, needless to say, give the complete overview of the leave requests from the employee side. To know more about going through - Smart Working through HR Dashboard

If you’re looking for an HR Automation Software for your business, write to Open HRMS, the complete human resource management software. We provide you with a free demo to see if it’s right for you.