Open HRMS: The Complete HR Management Solution

Open HRMS as the name points out is a human resources management solution. It is an efficient Human Resources management tool that can be used to manage employees and related tasks. Developed by Cybrosys Technologies, Open HRMS is sure to help the maximum number of business wings to carry out all their human resources-related operations the best way. 

After the introduction of OpenHRMS, it is one of the most popular human resources management solutions across the globe. With immense features and functionalities to meet the requirements of all types of business firms, Open HRMS guarantees you support for effective manpower management. If you go through the Open HRMS application, you can find a series of modules to manage operations like employee recruitment, employee management, payroll, expenses, attendance, time off, loan management system etc. In short, we can say that Open HRMS is one of the most suitable HR management solutions for businesses of varying shapes.

In this blog, I will explain why I consider Open HRMS as the complete HR management solution.

Let us first find out the key modules of Open HRMS so that we can examine the benefits of each of these modules in a later stage. 

The modules are Expenses

> Events

> Inventory

> Employee

> Invoicing

> Calendar

> Discuss

> Custody

> Invoicing

> Contacts

> Overtime Request

> Shifts

> Recruitment

> Resignation

> Payroll

> Recruitment

> Announcement

> Project

> Reminder

> Surveys

Let us see the app store of Open HRMS


User-friendly Dashboard

Open HRMS gives you a user-friendly dashboard that will give a clear view of all the employee-related details.


From this page itself, we can get a glimpse of announcements, leave requests, birthdays of employees, department-related statistics, job applications, etc.

Employee Management

The Employee module of Open HRMS has an exclusive feature named Employee history management. This is something that even the Odoo Employee module does not have. When you are hiring an employee you may require tracing the history of the employee so that you can trace the potential, conduct as well as the skills and previous salary of the person.


Open HRMS developed by Cybrosys is also equipped to carry out employee verification processes. This feature enables the users to seek the help of a third-party agent to carry out the verification process and study the character of the candidate. Open HRMS can help you manage different verification agents. 


Ensure better discipline with prompt disciplinary action 

The success of an organization is related to the discipline of the employees. With the help of Open HRMS, an organization can manage the discipline of the employees. The manager or investor will be able to initiate disciplinary action and track the action. Seeking explanations from the employees can also be done with the help of this tool.


Employee Insurance Management Made Easy

All organizations and business ventures are responsible for introducing employee insurance schemes for their employees and workers. This process is a complex one if managed manually. With Open HRMS employee insurance management becomes simple. It can offer you the best solution to calculate and manage monthly insurance premiums and policy details.


Proper tracking of legal actions 

Be it a small or large organization, there may be some legal matters to be handled. It could be related to a legal battle with another firm, customers or even the government. Odoo HRMS has a specific tool for Legal Management. This feature, which is part of the employee module will help the company to manage all legal actions in a systematic manner. IT will help the company to maintain a record of the case number, employee name who is responsible to handle the issue. Court name, judge details and the date of hearing can be managed and reviewed with this tool. 


Employee details management

The employee module is one of the most significant modules in Open HRMS. This tool will help us to gather details like employee name, educational qualification, skills, family details, etc.


Exit/Entry checklist 

The human resources management wing of a company is responsible to manage all tasks related to an employee. The recruitment of an employee and his retirement or resignation will have to be monitored by the HR team. While the HR wing manages an Entry checklist to collect the documents of the employees they also manage an exit checklist to manage the documents being returned at the time of the exit of the employee. 


Shift management

The working hours of employees have to be planned in a systematic way to ensure the productivity of the firm. The shift for employees can be managed with open HRMS. 


Employee Loan

Companies provide loans to employees. But this has to be done based on some policies. Cybrosys has developed Open HRMS in a way that loan management based on loan policies can be done without any difficulty. With Open HRMS a two-layer sanction system is used for loan management. Loan request generation, salary structure analysis, and loan approval are done through a single platform if you are using Open HRMS. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Loan Management System. Loan Management System


Attendance and Biometric device integration

Managing leave and attendance are the prime tasks of the HR team. Open HRMS has different modules to manage these operations. Open HRMS helps employees to mark attendance and regularise attendance if they are on field duty or on a client visits. Attendance regularisation can be a difficult task if it is done manually and no support is given to regularise attendance when on field duty. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Employee Biometric Attendance. Employee Biometric Attendance


Open HRMS enables us to integrate biometric devices with the Open HRMS tools and automate the attendance management.


Salary Advance

If an employee faces a financial crisis and wants to avail salary advance from the company this can also be managed with the help of Open HRMS. 


Hope this blog could give you an insight into the important features of OpenHRMS. We have discussed the key features provided in the Open HRMS Employee module to explain why Open HRMS is considered a complete HR management solution. 

Open HRMS is a tool that you can use for small or large businesses. We can customize this tool based on requirements.

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