Time Management System For Complex Pay Rules

With multiple office setups, every business is into adoption of HR software to manage time and attendance of employees. The intervention of HR software has made it easy for organizations to manage their workforce despite different office locations. The management can easily access the portal and take out desired employee data without getting much perplexed.

Saying adieu to tiresome and hectic employee management, the HR software is laying a new environment of much comfy and organized workforce management. The automation helps in streamlining everything, be it the employee data or employee operations. It well integrates together different employee components, making the business workflow smooth and transparent. 

Open HRMS is a complete, integrated HR management software that helps business organizations to track employee time and attendance, ensure employee participation, comply to HR rules and norms, and several other factors. The easy-to-use solution can bring-in a lot of benefits to the organization in terms of improved efficiency and productivity.

The HR software, apart from basic features, constitutes many other integrated apps such as Attendance Regularization, Employee Background Check, Leave Request Aliasing, Biometric Device Integration, HR Multi-Company etc fulfilling minute needs of the businesses. The combination of all these modules, make it #1 HR software of companies.

Be it the employees to punch in and out remotely, employees branch transfer management, disciple tracking, loan accounting or any other, Open HRMS has the solution for all these business woes. The HR capabilities get more enhanced with the Open HRMS Human Resource Information System Project.

Coming to the employee time management system for complex pay rules, yes Open HRMS fulfills that function also. While designing the software, we have studied how different business has to deal with complicated pay rules, that comes specifically to their industry or location. Being specific in nature, no kind of off-the-shelf software can propose the real solution to the pay rule problems.

Here comes the interplay of open source HR software like Open HRMS. Open source HR software can be customized to any extent making it specific to the needs of any country or the industry.

Despite being difficult, Open HRMS made it coin custom-tailored solutions to each of its customers. Open HRMS Saudi GOSI Contribution is the finest example of this. Constructed for the organizations in Saudi Arabia, the module handles the GOSI contributions from the Saudi employees and employers, who are between 18 and 60. The module helps to create GOSI contributions in the salary payment via satisfying the conditions of the GOSI contributions.

Open HRMS Time management solution helps the business organizations to craft and fine-tune their employees as per the needs and missions of the businesses. The real-time HR reports on employee payroll and payslips, greatly aid the business management in reviewing the financial transactions happening across the workplace.



One of the key’s to Open HRMS success is the effort taken for staying up-to-date on emerging trends. Today, Open HRMS have made themselves available on SAAS platform. Open HRMS SAAS helps in staying ahead of any business challenges. The application with its versatility help in acquiring the best ability and holding the profitable representatives. A collaborative culture keeping employees fully engaged is established through Open HRMS SAAS.

Biometric Time and Attendance Management System

Open HRMS Device Integration, helps in thumb and face detection of employees to calculate employee time and attendance. The capability of the company’s biometric reading and detection are particularly strong. To know more read our previous blog.

Open HRMS Biometric Device Integration is specifically designed to unclog the inefficiencies in traditional fob or card system to mark employee time.

With separate modules for Time and Attendance, Payroll Management, Employee Performance Management, Self Service Tools, Open HRMS stand tall in formulating solutions for various business woes. If your company has issues with employee time tracking, efficient business reports, regulatory compliances, do not wait. Get things turned in your favor with Open HRMS.  Open HRMS can rescue business from all hurdles- be it the legal or mere office administrations. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Employee Attendance Biometric. Employee Attendance Biometric