What are the Key Features of the OpenHRMS Dashboard

A well-efficient Dashboard module is an indispensable tool for any business expecting to improve and upscale performance and generate high profits. As a dedicated and responsible authority, you should keep all the information. That means you should gather, monitor, and scrutinize every piece of data with utmost care. To manage everything, you need deep insight into the organization's operations. The first step to building up your understanding is to choose an inventive and professional Dashboard software equipped with all the necessary tools and features required for your business.

The highly sophisticated open source human resource management software, OpenHRMS, covers an exclusive Dashboard module. One of the most advanced and effective Dashboard modules is only there in the OpenHRMS platform. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about HRM Software Features. HRM Software Features

In this blog, let us discuss key features of the OpenHRMS Dashboard module.

The human resource department has to manage a lot of functions and procedures to handle the organization’s operations. And they have hundreds of activities and processes to track with accurate reports and forecasts.  Even though, with the help of advanced technologies and highly progressive tools, the OpenHRMS system offers elegant solutions to track and monitor every essential human resource activity.

Let us list the main Features of HR Software Dashboard module below.

Applicable for Seamless management of human resource functions

The OpenHRMS Dashboard offers you a visual effect for flawless management of human resource activities and functions. It smoothens all the highly complicated human resource activities and functions. The module will be very effective and helpful to the HR representatives, executives, and workers for all the required data and information.  The intuitive and interactive interface of the module makes the platform unique and excellent. The extremely updated OpenHRMS Dashboard module can be connected with every point of your data without manual efforts. The various metrics in the data will be very useful for easy viewing, understanding, and sharing.

Intuitive drag and drop interface

The intuitive drag and drop interface of the OpenHRMS Dashboard module is very useful for easily including reports to the dashboard. The advanced, visually engaging palette makes it easy to analyze reports and data. You can quickly analyze each complex data by applying visual parameters. The OpenHRMS Dashboard window transforms complex data analysis into a piece of cake. You can convert each complex data into an easily manageable task.

Better visualization of Data

The OpenHRMS Dashboard module ensures better visualization of employee and organization-related data such as Employee Leaves, number of payslips, timesheets, and contracts generated for that particular employee. In addition, the system depicts the total number of leave requests, leave requests submitted today and this month. Similarly, the total number of leave allocation requests, job applications, etc can also be viewed. 

The Check-In and Check-Out window allows the users to successfully log into the system and log out from the system. The department-wise analysis will be very effective for the managers and the HR persons. In addition, the department-wise leave analysis was also displayed.


Monthly Leave Analysis

The OpenHRMS Dashboard view offers you a clear view of the monthly leave analysis of employees from various departments. The department-wise leave percentage will be very useful for the managers or the HR department to understand quickly and easily. The bar chart and pie chart representation of data make the platform more attractive and valuable.


Monthly Join/ Resign Analysis

The platform showcases the monthly Join / Resign analysis. This graphical analysis must help the organization to have a deeper insight into the join and resign rates. By analyzing this report, they can implement suitable strategies. The responsible authorities can easily compare the join and resign rates and can effectively make better decisions and actions. what-are-the-key-features-of-the-openhrms-dashboard

Offers all related data and essential tools to deliver real-time information.

The OpenHRMS Dashboard module offers every essential data enriching tool to showcase real-time information. The single Dashbaord window will display the details in the various modules such as Payroll, Timesheets, Contacts, Broad factor, Leave requests, Leave allocation requests, Job Applications, and many more aspects. In addition, the Dashboard module offers monthly leave analysis and various department-wise analyses. 

Monthly Leave Analysis

The Monthly Leave Analysis feature available in the OpenHRMS Dashboard window will give you an overall monthly leave analysis of your employees generated from various departments. With the help of this Dashboard Leave analysis, you will get a chance to understand department-wise leave analysis, and you can view the leave percentage without calculating it. These features help you to have a quick and easy understanding of the employee leave percentage.

Join and Resign Analysis

The OpenHRMS Dashboard module allows you to have a join and resign analysis. The system will represent a graphical analysis to understand the joining and resigning percentages. You can plan more secure plans and strategies to increase the joining percentage by getting an instant analysis.

Attrition Rate Analysis

The Attrition rate analysis generated in the OpenHRMS Dashboard module is very useful for knowing the trend of the organization. Regularly viewing the attrition rate reports will help you to build more suitable strategies and plans. Also, you can implement more advanced solutions to retain your employees by studying facts.


Successfully recall Upcoming Birthdays, Upcoming Events, and Announcements.

The OpenHRMS Dashboard module allows you to recall upcoming birthdays, events, and company announcements successfully. The upcoming birthdays tab will automatically display their employee's birthday details based on the data we entered in the employee details.  This option is very useful for remembering the birth dates of employees. The organization can plan parties and surprises without forgetting the dates. 

Similarly, the system will display the details of the upcoming events with the date and time. You will never forget upcoming events. Likewise, the Announcements section displays all the approved company announcements so the employee can view the company-wide announcements in the Dashboard module.


My Leave Analysis

The My Leave analysis tool included in the module will offer an instant leave analysis of that particular employee or user. The graphical representation is very effective for having a self-analysis for your employees. Each employee can view their own leave analysis in their databases.


As discussed above, the OpenHRMS Dashboard module empowers its users and anyone on your team to quickly generate charts, reports,  automated actions and share the relevant data with the responsible persons. Any team member, from higher authority to junior managers, has the power to visualize, identify, and share data without any conflict. The intuitive drag and drop facility will help the users manage reports effortlessly. In addition, all the important data and information are presented in graphs and chart forms, giving a better visualization of the data. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Features of Human Resource Information System. Features of Human Resource Information System