Why Open HRMS for your business?

Time off can be a hassle to calculate, track, and use. With a robust and efficient Human Resource Management features, one can seamlessly track and monitor everything in real-time. With Open HRMS, one can automate the routine and time-consuming HR tasks to a hassle-free and speedy actions, enabling you to work more on the organizational goals for better tomorrow. Every HR activities including the employee recruitment, records management, employee onboarding, benefits, timesheets, and other administrative tasks are precisely and credibly managed by Open HRMS. One can flawlessly, customize the Open HRMS software according to your company requisites and HR Workflows and thereby work more ease. Open HRMS eliminates the conventional paper works by automating every information. It efficiently captures, stores and gives quick access to necessary information in one single click. One can complete the processes in simple steps and channelize efforts to more strategic and planned routes. Open HRMS automates every HR management tasks and thereby improve the productivity of the workplace.

    Planning or designing a strategy involves a great deal of risk and resource assessment. From employee recruitment to employee retirement, Open HRMS caters to every basic need of an employee via building a strategic framework for each individual benefiting both employee and organization. Open HRMS comes with long-term resource mobilization, keeping a prime focus on the organizational goal and evolving nature of work. Open HRMS scrutinizes and plans employee improvement programs, appraisals, and rewards. It efficiently forecasts how employee quality improvement programs can be integrated into the overall business uplifting.

    Employee Engagement
    Employee’s participation enhances the relationship between an employer and his organization. It establishes better human relations improving efficiency thereby increasing the productivity of the working unit. The high morale thereafter can be utilized for increasing production attaining the economic objectives of the company. Open HRMS is an excellent solution to enhance employee participation at all possible levels. It promotes Gamification, Appraisal methods and feedback systems for improving the confidence and productivity of an employee. Open HRMS catalyzes every possibility of employee engagement activities and self-directed work culture.

    Timely Analysis and Improvement
    Stay tuned, get informed and work for long-term goals with Open HRMS. Attain a holistic report of HR assets through Open HRMS’s Business Intelligence reports, Drill down tables, Pie chart and Bar Diagrams. It gets you an overall insight into employee performance, analysis of leaves and other absences, employee recruitment processes, figuring out the best candidates, evaluation of employee engagement, thereby taking swift decisions. Open  HRMS also initiates organizations to take a timely decision upon the employees and organization requisites bringing a qualitative change in the business workflow. 
            Let us see how the above said benefits are achieved through Open HRMS. Below are the features of Open HRMS, giving your business an ultimate experience of hassle-free management. 

    Recruitment is the first step of procurement activity. Recruitment fulfills the organization’s needs by delivering competitive, motivated, flexible and more adaptable Human Resources meeting organizational goal and objective.  
    Open HRMS is an efficient applicant tracking system, dynamic recruiting software streamlining every recruitment process. Open HRMS lists every new opening in the company, define various recruitment stages, applicant tracking, and also place the most suitable resource faster than ever. It reviews the recruitment process from time to time with the help of HR reports and improvises the selection strategies.

    a) Lists the current openings in a company along with the desired set of information.
    b) Define Recruitment Stages to track and improvise employee recruitment processes.
    c) Design surveys, questionnaires and skill tests for assessing the quality of candidates.
    d) Track and manage the candidate’s application. Bring all necessary documents to one place.
    e) Automates and monitor every employee entry procedures.
    f) Seamless processing of employee resignation if any and initiating appropriate actions.

    Open HRMS Payroll streamlines the entire payroll management process for a company via organizing every task pertaining to employee payment and filing of employee taxes. These tasks can include keeping track of hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions, printing and delivering checks and paying employment taxes to the government. Open HRMS reduces payroll processing time with its advanced Payslip generation methods based on the timesheet, salary rules, and salary structures.


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