Payroll Software Features and Benefits

With diversified workforce, change in business work culture, the implementation of human resource management software has not only turned into a pattern, however, has become the necessity of the business enterprises which they cannot disregard at any cost.

Right from recruiting the skilled and talented resources for the business, to ascertaining their full capacity and production, human resource management software has great undertakings. Even bidding a healthy goodbye to the employee during his resigning or retirement, the presence of HR software is inevitable.

The prominence of HR software has taken a toll in recent times because of its scalability and integration power. The power of automation and digitalization have simply swayed the business CEO’s and CIOs to profess and implement HR software in their workplace.

With the finest intuitiveness, the HR software simply disposes of the early challenges of human resource management. The early paper-based management has simply turned paperless. A radical shift from mere HR management to strategic HR management is also observed within workplaces.

Open HRMS is one such robust application that can bring in several changes in your human resource management. It encompasses all that diversified set of features, that a business aspires for. The companies can assuredly assure a more productive workforce, optimized work hours, compliance with country HR laws and effective employee payroll management.

Open HRMS is the complete derivation of a comprehensive, robust and intuitive HR software. Being an open-source ERP application, the software can be customized in the later run to meet the new needs of clients.

Features of HRMS list include HR Dashboard, Recruitment, Appraisal, Employee Database, HR Administration, Payroll Management, Attendance and Leaves, HR Reports, Employee Benefits, Lawsuit Management, Custody Management, HR Reminder, GOSI contribution, Advance Salary, Branch Transfer, Disciplinary Tracking and so on. To know more on HRMS features, refer our website.

This blog lists you how Open HRM payroll can bring a qualitative change in your in-house payroll calculation.

We know that payroll is the element that keeps any business running. Even the slightest mistake in the payroll management can cost your business huge and rupture its structure.  Open HRMS payroll management module provides with several intuitive features like-  contract management, leaves, attendances, timesheets, related to the payroll. The open-source human resource management system automatically generates the payslip upon the configuration of contracts. If an employee’s contract is active, payslips can be generated in seconds. And the contract comes inclusive of all pertinent information like basic pay, working schedules, duration, etc. The additional plugins further extend the functionality of Open HRMS payroll management.

HR Management Software

No matter even if your company defines employee payment based on employee work hours. Open HRMS payroll management also helps in calculating employee payroll based on employee work hours. The timeline software, precisely calculate the labor and thereby undertakes steps to calculate the pay. Also complying to state laws is made easier with open HRMS payroll module. It encompasses Saudi GOSI and UAE WPS to effectively handle employee contribution and generate adequate reports of the same. With Employee self- service, the HR professional’s workload is brought to half, giving him sufficient time to coin strategic operations in the business studios. Incorporation of strategic development programs thus can enhance the performance level of company workers, keeping them spirited and motivated. 

Have a look at Open HRMS payroll benefits:

Payroll-payslip reporting

Different kinds of payroll report like Employee wise, Employee's department wise, Employee's job title wise, Pay slip's date wise, Pay slip's status wise, Company wise.

Pivot view of monthly payslips.

Automatic payrollProvisions to generate payslip batches automatically for a month.
Overtime payment based on attendance

Easy calculation of employee pays for their overtime.

Salary rule to make payment based on a basic wage and total hours worked.

Timesheet based payroll

Precise calculation of employee salary based on his work hours. 

Provisions timesheet based contract

Timesheet Based Salary Structure.

Salary rule & calculations for timesheet based payroll.

Total Timesheet hours on the payslip.

Payslip reports with all details.

WPS report generation for UAECreate salary information files in XLSX format for every month.
Saudi Gosi contributionHandles the GOSI contribution of employees and employers in Saudi. Also provides reports based on contribution.
Integrated payroll and HR systemSimplifies access to important employee information as everything is stored in a unified database.
Automated Time & Attendance systems

Reduces manual mistake in calculating work hours.

Eliminates your data input for payroll processing

Web-based system

Easy access to data and implement  paperless payroll

Guaranteed accuracyEliminates all possibilities of costly errors.
Complete confidentialityMake sure that the data aren’t misplaced or conflicted with others.
Employee Self-service

Triggers for employee self-service.

Employees can directly input employee work hours and other pertinent information.

If you are looking for a simple, yet intuitive HR management framework, write to us to [email protected]. Open HRMS provides you with a free demo to assess the applicability of the software in your workplace. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about Payslip Software. Payslip Software