Cloud Based HR software for SME’S

Still there exists a fair share of ambiguity over the need for HR software for small-medium enterprises. However, according to the studies conducted by several research units, the need for HR software in a small business cannot be ruled out. The research by Fox Business, Score, and others point out that the benefit of HR software for SMEs is quite large and is far beyond the imagination of business minds.

The reports clearly indicate the magnificence of human resource management software in the workplace.  Contrasting with the dusty paper piles management, the digitalized Human Resource management enlists tons of effective contributions and functionalities.

From saving the management’s time to better resulting in ROI, the software lays voluminous functionality improving the business facet. Occupying within a self-reliant, robust HR software in SME can definitely set a foundation for smart management of their employees, taking the business organization closer to successful longevity.

In this blog am pinpointing the major reasons why a small-medium business firm should go an HR software. At the same time how a cloud-based HR software can significantly improve the workflow of the business setup.


First and foremost, HR software can significantly improve the quality of the recruitment process happening within an SME. The ever-changing trends in the industry market forces business organizations to come up with intuitive strategies in their hiring practice. The conventional recruitment or talent-hiring methods may not work in present situations and therefore demands a need for leveraging the hiring practices and employee management. 


Deploying HR software within SME or any other business (be it any size) can transform the whole process via overcoming the deficiencies in HR practice. A recruitment management system can help the small-medium in understanding the trends of the market, thereby positioning the advertisement of jobs in related fields. Recruitment software will also help the small business in positioning job descriptions for adequate openings targeting the right talents. Thus in many ways, HR software can bring in changes in small businesses with respect to their talent acquisition.


Within SME’S the team shall be small, therefore it is highly adequate that you ensure you place the right and talented aspirant in the position.  And moreover, it is also crucial to ascertain that each worker is engaged to the core, producing better efficient results.  With HR software in place, it can trigger employee self-direct. The employees can be encouraged to perform their tasks on their own without relying on or waiting for their superior’s word/approval. Admins of SMEs can oversee the employee performance from the HR software dashboard or more specific in modules such as Timesheets. Such management modules help the business organization to oversee the degree of commitment, level of potentiality, and skill of the employee. The real-time insight provisions the SMEs to take adequate decisions with respect to changes in the current workflow.

An HR software for SMEs can bring in changes in the quality of communication between workers. Open HRMS comes ideal for SMEs as it offers 360-degree employee management. It comes integrated with several management modules like employee attendance, employee appraisal, payroll management, loan management, and more. The open-source HR software has all those features that a small business desires. Thus a healthy corporate culture can be built using Open HRMS software meeting your goals and enhancing your brand identity. Open HRMS is a cloud HR Software and is now available in the Open HRMS SaaS Model. You can read the benefits of cloud-based HRMS from our previous blog major benefits of cloud-based HRMS


It is quite obvious that, unlike large enterprise, small business is not that financially sound. Therefore, any additional and unwanted complications such as legal hindrances may cost them huge. An SME with the right HR software can stress-free themselves from these tensions. Open HRMS cloud HR software comes with modules such as GOSI and UAE WPS for looking after the HR regulatory requirements. As HR regulatory requirements vary from one country to another, it is mandatory that the business no matter it’s a small business or large abide by them. The business has to comply with specific labor laws, taxation, healthcare, and insurance benefits of employees, the country where their office resides.HR software in place with specific management modules thus frees the business from these hectic via automating the actions.


Organizational culture or the workforce culture acts as the foundation for a successful business. Taking into consideration the SME’s, the workforce culture is of utmost importance as it can act as the catalyst for their future growth and expansion. HR software has a great role to play in strengthening and enforcing the organizational culture. With real-time communication within digitalized HR, transparency and trust are re-established in many work studios. Both the admin and team are able to gather and equip themselves with the right tools for processing their conduct. Meanwhile, the management or the admin panel of the organization is given real-time insight into the employee behavior and conduct so as to take adequate measures and strategies. To assure the successful longevity of the business, steps of improving organizational culture is mandatory and inevitable.