Contacts in Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: February 21st, 2022


The Open HRMS contacts give all the information regarding the various contacts in connection with your company.

We have this Kanban view as you can see in the screenshot, a list view and an activity view where it displays the employees with their scheduled activities.

We can click any of the contacts to see more information regarding them. There we can add/modify the details.

We can also create a new contact using the ‘Create’ button. There are mainly two types of contacts, individual and company.

If you click on the configuration menu, you can see various options such as Contact tags, contact titles etc. We can add/modify these details which will be used while creating a contact.

We can create a new Contact tag with Name, Parent category and color code.

In the contact titles menu, we can configure the titles that need to be assigned to a contact.

In the same manner we can configure the Industries, countries, Fed. states and country group.

From the contacts app, we can also create the Bank and Bank Account details from the configuration menu.

We can use this Bank while creating the bank account. The account number and the account holder fields are mandatory while creating the bank account.

Fill the necessary fields and save, this account number will be used for the corresponding contact in various applications.