Website in Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: March 29th, 2022


The OpenHRMS Website module deals with your website; it provides various features which are available on regular websites.

Open the Website application to see the Dashboard which will display the website analytics. We can directly check the website using the ‘Go to Website’ button.

You will get the details of website visitors from Website > Visitors > Visitors.

For detailed information about the page views, navigate to Website > Visitors > Page views.

You can view/create the webpages from Website > Configuration > Pages.

While creating a new page, we have to provide the name, page URL etc. Select the view template from the View field. If we manage multiple websites, we can select the websites that we want this page to be displayed. We also have the option to configure the tracking, indexing, etc.

We can create a new website or modify the configuration of the existing website from Website > Configurations > Settings.