Expenses in Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: March 1st, 2022


Using the Open HRMS expense application, the employee can submit their various expenses to the company which can be either approved or rejected.

Employees can see their Expense reports at my expenses section. At the header of the list view, it displays the amounts that are to be reported, under validation and to be reimbursed.

Managers can see the expense reports from all of the employees.

We can click on the ‘Create’ button for creating a new expense report, or click on the ‘Upload’ button to directly upload the receipt and it will automatically create an expense report.

Fill out the necessary fields, such as the category, amount to be paid, paid by etc. and upload the receipt using the smart button at the top.

The categories are the expense products such as Accommodation, food, travel allowance etc. It can be configured at Expenses > Configuration > Expense Products

After creating the Expense, we can click on the ‘Create Report’ button to create an Expense report that needs to be Submitted to the Manager for approval.

Managers can either Approve or Refuse the report and post the report to journal entries.

We can find the reports that need to Approve, Post, or to pay from the Expenses > Expense Reports menu.

We can also have a detailed analysis on the expense reports at the Expenses > Reporting > Expenses analysis menu. There we have the bar chart, line chart and pie chart views. Or we can use the pivot view to create a much more detailed analysis.