Leaves in Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: March 09th, 2022


The OpenHRMS leaves application deals with employee leaves and related activities.

The dashboard brings us the yearly calendar view with all kinds of time offs marked for each month. On the header, we have the available paid time offs and compensatory days displayed. You can also change it to Day, Week, or Month views.

To create a new Time Off request, just click on the ‘New Time Off’ button on the top. Then a popup will appear and we can provide the necessary details.

We have to select the Time Off type. We can configure the time-off types from Leaves > Configuration > Time Off Types.

From there we can create a new time off type. We can select the Approval type, Allocation types etc. We can also configure the colour and cover image that need to be displayed in the calendar.

To display all the time off requests created by us, direct to Leaves > My Time Off > My Time Off. It will bring us a list view of time offs we created. And if we are an Approver, we can also see the ‘Approve’ or ‘Refuse’ buttons.

The same way you can create/view allocations made by us at Leaves > My Time Off > My Allocations

Managers can get an overview of the time offs made by their employees at Leaves > Overview. We can filter by ‘My Team’ or ‘My department’ by default.

Managers can see all the Time off requests that need to be approved/rejected at Leaves > Approvals > Time Off.

To display the Allocation requests by the employees, head to Leaves > Approvals > Allocations.

We can get a detailed report regarding the employee leaves from Leaves > Reporting > By Employee. There we have Bar chart, Line chart and Pie chart views. We can also make use of the pivot view which can be selected from the top right corner to export the detailed reports.

If need report based on the time off type, it can be fetched from Leaves > Reporting > By type.

To create an Accrual plan for the employees we can do that from Leaves > Configuration > Accrual Plans.

Same way we can configure the public holidays of the year at Leaves > Configurations > Public Holidays.