Discuss in Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: March 1st, 2022


The Discuss app is a discussion platform which operates similar to other most used chat rooms. Here we can send and receive messages. And in the latest version, we can also make a video meeting with the employees using a single click.

New messages we receive will appear in the inbox. If there are so many messages, we can just click the ‘Mark all read’ button to mark all the new messages as read.

In the left panel we have all the chats and available channels that we are a part of. On the top we have a ‘Start meeting’ button where we can instantly initiate a video chat. As you can see from the screenshot, on the top right corner we have the option to add people to the chat, also we can share the invitation link.

Then we have the channels where we can have group discussions with other users. We can click the ‘+’ button to create new channels, and then invite the users to the channel using the ‘Add Users’ button at the top right corner.

If we click the ‘⚙’ (gear icon) next to the channels, we get the option to manage all of the existing channels.

From this screen also, using the create button we can create a new channel with the option to set the privacy and Auto subscribe preferences.

For sending direct messages, just click on the ‘+’ button at the ‘Direct messages’ section and search for the user. Recent chats will be listed at the direct messages section.