Dashboards in Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: January 29th, 2019


All the vital information regarding a company is available from Open HRMS dashboard. Important details like payslips generated, running contracts, timesheets and broad factor are accessible from here with just one click.

As you see in the screenshot you get a comprehensive view of all the vital information. You can see options like payslips, timesheets, contracts, broad factor etc. from the dashboard. Their number is mentioned below.

Also you get information about leave requests and job applications received.

Now the detailed report about the employees working in the firm is shown in the pie chart, this help for easy understanding.

Now you get leave analysis also from the HR Dashboard. The pie chart shown in the screenshot is representing the leave analysis. Easy understanding and simple analysis can be done here.

Individual leave analysis can also be done using the option of my leave analysis.

The upcoming birthdays happening in the company can also be viewed from the Open HRMS dashboard.