Payroll in Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: February 21st, 2022


The Open HRMS payroll application deals with the payroll management of the company. Payroll refers to the total amount of money that a company pays to its employees.

Employee payslips

In the employee payslip, you can get various details like employee name, payslip name, dates, company and status of the payslip.

Now to create a new employee payslip, click on the create button;

Fill in the fields with relevant data like employee name, period, structure etc.

Now fill in the accounting information by adding all the necessary details as seen in the screenshot.

Now there are three options before saving. We can either confirm the payslip, compute sheet or cancel the payslip. If we click on confirm, the payslip will be created and to save it click on save.

Payslips batches

Here in payslip batches you get to see various information like name of the employee, date information, salary journal, credit note and status of the payslip.

To create a new payslip batch, click on the create button.

Add in the necessary information and click on save.


in the generate payslip option we can add employees and then generate the payslip. To save this, click on save button.


there is also an option to delete a payslip, to delete a payslip it has to be draft or cancelled. Otherwise you won’t be able to delete it.


In the configuration part we have options for settings, salary structure, salary rules, contribution registers and contract advantage templates.

Salary structure

Various salary structure details are available from here;

Here you can see the various salary structures along with their reference, salary rules and company. To create a new salary structure click on the create button;

Now you have to fill in all the details and then click on save button to save it.

Salary structure

In the salary rules part you can see the various salary rules in your company;

To create a new salary rule, click on create button.

Now we have to add in all the details regarding the salary rule and then click on save button.

Contribution register

The various registers associated with the company are shown in here;

You can see from the screenshot about the various registers. Now click on create button to create a new contribution register.

After filling in all the necessary details, click on save and the register will be saved.


In the settings option we have option to choose the payroll localisation.

Now if we select the payroll localisation option, payroll systems based on various countries will be shown. You can choose your specific country and select install to install it.