Documents in Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: March 1st, 2022


Employee Documents is a useful tool that can help you to store and manage the employee related documents like certificates, appraisal reports, passport, license etc.

It can be accessed from the Employee profile. We can head to the Employee application and select a user, and the documents for that user can be accessed using the smart button at the top.

We will get a list view of all of the documents that are related to the employee. To add a new document, just click on the Create button.

Fill the necessary fields, including the expiry date and the type of notification to alert the expiry date of the document. ‘Notification on expiry date’, ‘Notification before few days’, ‘Everyday till expiry date’ and ‘Notification on and after expiry’ are the available notification types. Except for the first type, we can mention the number of days in the ‘Days’ field. Finally, Upload the document and then save.

From the Employees > Configuration > Employee Document types menu, we can configure the types of documents.

Documents from all of the employees will be listed under the Employees > Employees > Documents menu. It will be grouped by the employees by default.