Projects in Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: January 29th, 2019


The various projects associated with the company is handled using Open HRMS project application.


In the project dashboard you get to see various projects in your company. You can see this from the screenshot. To create a new project click on the create button;

Give a suitable name for your project, to add more detailed information click on create and edit or click on create to add the project instantly.

When you choose create and edit, this window will appear where you have to fill in all the details and then click on save to save the project.


In the search option you have task option and next activities option.

In the task option we can create a particular task.

In the above window, click on the create button.

In the window which appears, fill in all the necessary information. Once done click on the save button. To create or add information about next activities regarding the project, select the next activities option.


In the reporting option we can see the option called task analysis. This gives the detailed analysis of the various ongoing project in bar graph mode, line graph mode and pie chart model.

Here from the screenshot you can see the analysis is given on bar graph model. We can also set it to line and pie chart model by clicking the buttons which you see near the measures option in the screenshot.

In the measures option you get various measuring options which you can analyse from the graph. All you have to do is select each option.


In the configuration part we have settings, activity types and projects.

The activity types shows you the various activities happening related to the project.

Here you can see from the screenshot the various activities like emails, calls, meetings etc. related with the project. To create a new activity click on the create button.

Now add the details about the activities and click on save and your activity will be saved.

Now if you take the project option from the configuration menu, then you get to see all the project happening along with the assigned project managers and contact. This is shown in the below screenshot.

Now if you want to create a new project, click on the create button, fill in all the details and finally click on save button.

In the settings part of the configuration settings for task management and time management can be done.

The settings option is as shown in the above screenshot. Under task management we can set collaborative pads, ratings on tasks and sub-tasks. The time sheet management comes under the time management part.