Recruitment in OpenHRMS - User Manual

Last updated: January 29th, 2019


Every activity related to recruitment can be carried out with the help of the new OpenHRMS Recruitment application. Recruitment is the most time consuming and tiring process for HR, and the OpenHRMS Recruitment application helps to automate most of the tasks involved in the process and thus make things easier for HR.

Open the Recruitment application and it will display all the job positions which have the recruitment process going on. We can simply start a new Recruitment process by creating the Job position using the ‘Create’ button.

The newly created Job position will appear in the main dashboard and there you will get multiple options right on the card such as whether to publish this recruitment on the website, the number of applicants applied etc.

You can click on the three-dot menu and select ‘Edit’ for configuring more details related to the job position.

In the ‘Recruitment’ tab you can mention the job location, expected new employees etc.

If you click on the ‘Go to Website’ smart button on the top, you can see how the job application will display on the website. You can edit the page using the drag and drop webpage builder and publish.

Now the public can apply on the ‘Apply Now’ button on the page and fill out the application.

We will receive these applications in the corresponding Job position recruitment record as in the below screenshot. We can move the applications into different stages. These stages are also customisable, we can add/remove new stages as we desire.

Click on one of the applications to see more information. We can schedule interviews with the applicant and after the final stage, click on the ‘Create Employee’ button to add this applicant as an employee. There is also a ‘Refuse’ button to reject this application.

We can list out all of the job applications from Recruitment > Applications > All Applications.

We can navigate to Recruitment > Reporting > Recruitment Analysis to get a graphical and detailed report regarding the recruitment process at the company.

While we click on the ‘Refuse’ button for an application, we have to select a reason for the rejection. This can be configured at Recruitment > Configuration > Refuse Reasons. We have to select the email template also while creating the refuse reason.

The departments at the company can be configured at Recruitment > Configuration > Departments.

We can schedule different activities for an application such as sending an email, scheduling a meeting etc. from the chatter window of an application. These activities are configured from Recruitment > Configuration > Activity Types.