Employees in Open HRMS - User Manual

Last updated: March 10th, 2022


The employee’s application gives details about the employees working in the company and also about all the employee activities.

Click on the create button to create a new employee record. There we can add various information that is related to the employee. We can enter the basic information such as the contact details, department, manager etc.

There are also smart buttons at the top where we can access details like the contract, time off, payslips etc. quickly.

Now if you direct to Employees > Employees > Contracts you will get this view where it displays the contract details of the employees with the hire details, the number of contracts for the employee etc. By default, the ‘Active Employees’ filter will be applied.

You can click on one of the records to see the contract details in detail.

There is also a Kanban view of the contracts, where you can create new contracts.

We can configure the Departments from Employees > Departments. It will display a Kanban view with all the available departments. We get a glance at information such as the time off requests, absents etc. from each Department tile.

We can create a new Department using the Create button with details such as the Department name, Parent Department (optional), Manager and Company.

Legal Actions

The OpenHRMS Legal Actions is used for managing the legal actions of all employees, customers and suppliers. It is integrated into the Employees application for ease of access. Just head to Employees > Legal actions.

Click the ‘Create’ button to record a new Legal application. There we have to provide the Reference number, party details, corresponding person etc. Click on the ‘Process’ button to make this legal application in the running state.

Once the hearing is finished we can mark this application as ‘Won’ or ‘Loss’.


The OpenHRMS Employee application helps to manage the employee resignation process.

Here employees can create a Resignation request and submit it for approval. Provide details such as the joining date, notice period etc. We also need to specify the type of resignation and the reason. Confirm the form once the form is filled and wait for approval from the manager.

For managers, they can view all of the approved resignations from Resignation > Approved Resignation.