Open HRMS Book Introduction

From the recruitment process, employee onboarding, attendance tracking, and payroll calculations, human resource management software can streamline employee management and related operations with the right technology. The chances of causing errors and hassles in manually handling paper works can be avoided by implementing the most suitable HR software in a firm. Ensuring seamless HR workflow has become an indispensable part of every firm especially in this constantly evolving business world. Open HRMS offers its users automation of human resources management processes in a centralized database which will make the work of HR professionals relatively easy and effortless. The advantages of the core modules will help the company to manage a wide range of operations, manual tasks, administrative tasks, and daily HR tasks, which includes the proper management of employee data also.

The advanced Open HRMS offers excellent tools and features that can help you;

  • To increase efficiency within the company
  • To enhance the productivity of employees
  • To avoid possible errors in the workflow
  • To record employee data and document in a centralized system
  • To regularly evaluate the performance of employees
  • To generate reports and analysis on HR operations
  • To track time and attendance of each employee
  • To ensure accurate payroll calculations
  • To simplify administrative tasks in a firm
  • To implement better human resource management
  • To reduce manual works and save time
  • To document each HR process for future reference
  • To automate repetitive tasks thereby improving efficiency.

If you are new to the Open HRMS framework and don’t know how to manage your employees with the assistance of a software solution, we got you covered. This Open HRMS book will surely guide you to find out all the new features and modules introduced in the latest version of Open HRMS.

The Open HRMS modules included in this book along with a small description are given below:

In the coming chapters, you will find detailed information about each of these modules along with screenshots which will provide step-by step instructions on how to operate these modules in a systematic and effortless manner.

1 Title Description
1 Open HRMS Core Open HRMS Core module can integrate all employee-related operations into a single system. Installing this module will bring all advanced open HRMS features into your system.
2 Attendance Regularization Using the Attendance Regularization module, you can request the manager or HR officer to regularize the attendance on the respective date.
3 Employee Shift To manage the working hours and shifts of the employees in an efficient manner, you will get the Employee Shift module in the Open HRMS.
4 Branch Transfer Whenever an employee transfers from one branch to another, the details regarding the transfer can be carried out carefully using the Transfers module.
5 Employee Background Verification With the help of a verification agent, the dedicated Open HRMS Employee Background Verification module will instantly verify the background details related to an employee in a company.
6 Employee History The Employee History module will keep a record of all necessary documents and details related to the employees in your company. The record of the employee includes job history, previous salary records, department change, and timesheet cost under their employee form in the Open HRMS.
7 Disciplinary Tracking The Open HRMS Disciplinary module can help your company in managing the disciplinary violations of the employee. The violations and the actions can be recorded in your database using this module.
8 Payroll The Open HRMS Payroll module is capable of completing all the needs of the payroll configuration of an organization. The whole payroll process for an organization can be ascertained using this module.
9 Employee Overtime The Open HRMS Overtime module is the ideal option for handling requests for overtime work. Using this module, an employee can quickly prepare overtime requests and submit them to the relevant department.
10 Leave Multi-Level Approval The Leave Multi-Level Approval module enhances the functionality of the Leave Management module in Open HRMS
11 Open HRMS GOSI The GOSI module will let you manage the GOSI contribution from Saudi Arabia’s companies and employees. This module is specifically developed for Saudi Arabian organizations.
12 Employee Insurance Management The Employee Insurance Management module allows tracking internal employee’s insurance information. It is a good tool for efficiently managing insurance benefits that come with salaries.
13 Vacation Management The Open HRMS’s new Vacation Management module can be used to manage holidays in additional vacation capabilities.
14 Advance Salary To manage to pay advance requests from employees, the Open HRMS suite’s Advance Salary module is a highly helpful module for its users.
15 Employee Loan Management The Employee Loan Management makes it simple for employees to obtain loans and calculate their monthly payments.
16 Loan Accounting The user is able to manage the loan accounting with ease using the Loan Accounting module.
17 Legal Action The Legal Action module will handle legal concerns and maintain a record of all legal actions done on the company’s behalf in Open HRMS.
18 Employee Info Using the Employee Info module, it is possible to collect family details, contact information, joining date, and get alerts on the expiry of passport and ID of an employee in the Employee module
19 Employee Document The Open HRMS Employee Document management module will efficiently keep a record of all documents related to the employees in a firm including licenses, certificates, reports, and many more.
20 Employee from User The Employee from User module is a simple and easy-to-use module in open HRMS. As the name indicates, the module will help you automatically create a new employee profile at the time of the creation of a new user in the Open HRMS.
21 Employee Resignation The Open HRMS suite’s Resignation module will reduce the risk factors related to employee resignation. The employee who is waiting to leave the company can swiftly fill out a resignation request from their doorstep and submit it to the appropriate officers. The submissions can be viewed by the officials, who can then act quickly if necessary
22 WPS Report Generation for UAE You are able to manage the contributions of each employee and produce appropriate reports in XLSX format with the aid of the WPS Report Generation for UAE capability. You can rely entirely on this module to generate XLSX-formatted wage information files for each employee in your firm on a monthly basis.
23 Gratuity Settlement The main component of Open HRMS that assists in managing all employee payments at the time of resignation is called Gratuity Settlement. With the help of this module, the company can specify the criteria for eligibility for the gratuity.
24 HR Dashboard The OpenHRMS Dashboard will present all of the necessary tools and settings for generating real-time data. The Dashboard window gives you an overview of the human resource modules and the program.
25 Official Announcements The authority can successfully address all difficulties and problems with company announcements by using the Announcement module.
26 Reminders Reminders is a very straightforward and compact supporting module that can assist you in remembering all significant occasions, dates, etc.
27 Service Requests The timely management of service requests from diverse departments will be a taxing effort in the case of a large company organization. You may rely on the Open HRMS Service Request module in these circumstances to handle service requests quickly and seamlessly.
28 Biometric Device Integration By integrating thumb or face recognition devices, the Open HRMS Biometric Device Integration can be utilized to automate staff attendance. Each user will be provided with a unique biometric identification that will be used to record their attendance.
29 Multi-Company The Advanced Multi-Company module offered by Open HRMS will enable you to separately manage multiple companies in the same system.
30 Custody Management A good option for custody management is provided by the OpenHRMS Custody module, a component of the OpenHRMS package. The module's ultimate goal is to streamline an organization's custody management.
31 Employee Appraisal The Employee Appraisals module makes it simple to implement efficient appraisal procedures for the benefit of both employees and the business.
32 Leave Request Aliasing The Open HRMS Leave Request Aliasing module makes it possible to automatically create leave requests from employee inbound emails.
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