Multi-Company in Odoo16 OHRMS

Our immediate business environment is rapidly expanding and evolving. Many corporations establish affiliate companies or branches all over the world as part of their corporate expansion plans. The main firm bears a significant amount of responsibility for overseeing all internal and financial operations at each branch. To achieve success in the overall performance of the parent organization, it is crucial to guarantee accuracy and efficiency in the business administration of each branch or related company. Users of Open HRMS will have sufficient choices to manage several businesses in the same system.

By connecting the branches to the open HRMS, users may effectively manage all financial and important business processes regardless of where the company's branches are located. With the aid of the Open HRMS Multi-Company functionality, a company's human resource management division can efficiently collaborate and oversee the HR requirements of many companies. This will simplify HR operations and make managing different branches less challenging.

Installing the Multi-Company module from the Open HRMS App Store will give users access to this new feature.


After installing this module, they will be able to select a specific field to include the company whenever they create or manage a form connected to HR operations.

Users can enter the name of the company the employee works for in the designated field when managing the attendance of employees across many companies. This tool will guarantee simple staff attendance management across different companies.

There are different views available there,inside the Kanban view there is another field named Company. There the user can mention the company name.


Similarly to this, the Multi-Company feature can be used to manage leave requests for numerous employees who work for the same company but in different branches. In the Time Off Request, too company option is available.


The Multi-Company functionality will allow businesses to conveniently organize all of the operations of subsidiary companies in one location.