Open HRMS Book Core

The Open HRMS software is exclusively developed for collaborating and streamlining the functions and operations of the HR department of a company. This software will assist you in automating HR functions most efficiently and effortlessly. In order to manage HR operations in an organized manner, the company must implement a good strategy while selecting the right software support. The advanced Open HRMS can offer excellent tools and features for seamlessly managing your business in this highly developed business environment. The dedicated modules in the Open HRMS will aid you with the smooth, balanced, and unprejudiced administration of employees and the HR department. You can integrate all employee-related operations into a single system. For this, you can use the Open HRMS Core module. This advanced module offers enhanced tools and features that are helpful for managing and monitoring human resource management operations in a single place. Installing this module will bring all the advanced open HRMS features into your system.

We will detail the features of the Open HRMS Core module in this chapter.

You can easily install the Open HRMS Core from the App Store.

 Open HRMS Book core

Installing this module will bring all HR modules together in your system. The modules that come along with the Core module can be observed from the main dashboard of the Open HRMS, as shown below.

 Open HRMS Book core

This module offers a comprehensive system to ensure hassle-free management of HR activities in an organization. The features available in the Open HRMS, once you install the Core module, are as follows:

  • HR Dashboard
  • Salary Advance
  • Interactive Theme
  • HR Multi-Company
  • Shift Management
  • Loan Management
  • Employee Reminders
  • Employee Branch Transfer
  • Advanced Employee Master
  • Biometric Device Automation
  • Appraisal Plans & Strategies
  • HR Announcements
  • Employee Insurance
  • Vacation Management
  • Lawsuit Management
  • Appreciations & Memos
  • Entry & Exit Checklist
  • HR Documents Management
  • Custody/Property Management
  • Automation on Leave Request Mails
  • Resignation Process
  • Record Related Reminders
  • Keep the employee-related documents with an expiry notification.

You don’t need to perform any additional configurations to get the features listed above. As soon as you install the Core module from the App Store, these features will be automatically enabled on your system. You will get detailed information about each of these features in the upcoming chapters of this Open HRMS book. We will explain each module in detail with accurate explanations and screenshots.