Leave Request Aliasing

In order to make the overall management of HR activities in an organization simpler, Open HRMS includes several developed features for its users. One such feature in Open HRMS for automating leave requests from incoming emails is Leave Request Aliasing. Managing staff leave requests one by one will be an arduous undertaking for large businesses. The Open HRMS Leave Request Aliasing module makes it possible to automatically create leave requests from employee inbound emails.

The Open HRMS Leave Request Aliasing module will be thoroughly explained in this chapter.

The automatic creation of leave requests will be taken into consideration for emails that have specified context and email IDs that have been defined by the company's HR department. The HR department will save time and effort since the data won't need to be entered again. Through their authorized email address, an employee can submit a pre-defined formatted leave request. Accordingly, leave entries will be automatically set up under that employee's Time Off.

This module can be installed from the AppStore just like any other Open HRMS module.

Leave request aliasing

To automate the creation of leave requests, this feature can be used to set up a general email alias for the employees. One can establish a standard format for leave request emails that all staff members in the organization can follow. The management of leave requests by the HR department will be made simpler by this predetermined pattern. One can write LEAVE REQUEST_(name of the employee)_(date from, date to) in the email's subject line. In the corresponding field, enter a domain that can be used to send leave requests.

The leave request aliasing module of Odoo 16 is connected with the Time off module, as suggested by the name. As a result, once the module installation is complete, this option appears inside the Time Off module.

To locate the option, let's search in the Time Off module. There is a settings option for that on the configuration tab. From there, the user can set up more complex settings for an employee's time off.

Leave request aliasing

The Leaves option will show up when you select the Settings option. The user can then add the Domain and prefix for the mailing option from there. Users can quickly create incoming leave requests by setting up a general email alias. To do this, write an email using the specified format.

The procedure for sending a leave request through the mail is as follows: the subject line must begin with "LEAVE REQUEST," followed by "Date From:" and "Date To: ". Employees can utilize this option to create a leave request quickly.

Leave request aliasing

So must first configure the incoming mail server in the database to manage requests from incoming emails. Then, see to it that each employee in the organization has a registered email address for business correspondence so they may send requests from a legitimate ID. A worker can submit a request from the specified domain after verifying all these elements. Following the pre-established format will make it simple to distinguish an employee's leave request from other emails.

The system will immediately construct the employee's leave record in the Time Off module so that the manager or HR officer may manage it appropriately.

Leave request aliasing

The main goal of this module is to make it easier for medium- to large-sized businesses' HR departments, to manage employee leave.