Introduction to OpenHRMS

OpenHRMS is a renowned human resource management software that foresees the development of a jovial and efficient workforce. This advanced HR suite will assist you in getting a complete view of necessary HR modules that will help you to manage your company’s HR operations. This dynamic software can be applied to any organization, regardless of its size. That is the reason why OpenHRMS is more famous for human resource management. The OpenHRMS platform is suitable for small, medium, and large companies to manage their HR processes. All stages of HR processes ranging from onboarding to resigning, OpenHRMS will take care of.

The OpenHRMS software allows you to choose exactly what you and your business demand and make you more advanced with its well-designed modules. Each module in the platform is self-sufficient in resolving complexities and inaccuracies. The system helps you to simplify administrative work.

As entrepreneurs, we know that an organization's success and growth are directly linked to how well its employees are supervised and taken care of. That is why several organizations are putting forward many strategies to amp up their workforce. The HR software has the ability to empower your workforce effectively to pursue and manage assigned tasks. Because of this reason, Open HRMS truly shines. Every point of your HR operations, from onboarding to offboarding can be handled from a centralized location with OpenHRMS modules.

The openHRMS system allows to mark employee attendance, keep a record of time each employee spends on their tasks, help to manage time off, raise inquiries requests, manage resignations, and many more.

This book details all the functionalities of OpenHRMS software and describes all the tools it offers. The OpenHRMS software includes sixteen plus separate modules, and each module is analyzed with its functionalities.

First, let us point out the features of OpenHRMS software.

Mobilize your workforce

With the assistance of well-defined modules and features, the OpenHRMS system mobilizes your workforce to successfully manage your organization's HR operations. The robust modules available in the system help you fulfill every employee and organization requirement.

Smoothen workflow of your Organization

The technologically advanced OpenHRMS software will smoothen the workflow of your organization. Implementation of the software will bring an outline to all tasks and provide you with insight into planning, scheduling, and organizing your HR-related activities.

Simplifies administrative tasks

Manually managing HR operations is the most challenging task when concerning an organization. The administrative burden of your HR department can be minimized by implementing OpenHRMS software. As a result, they will get enough time to take the initiative to enhance other operations of the organization.

Minimize paper works

OpenHRMS software automates your HR processes, and all the activities are conducted through a digital system. So all the paper works associated with the HR operation will be digitized.

Save more time and effort

All the tasks related to the HR department can be easily managed with the support of this digital system. Your employee's attendance and time off records must be accurate for payroll processing. The recruitment and related tasks are time-consuming processes when we manually manage them. However, Open HRMS software wipes out the repetitive, tedious work and makes all these complex tasks a piece of cake for both you and your employee.

Enhance resource management

OpenHRMS software will help you to provide overall development for your HR department and company. The software will give you a key insight that will enable you to manage your employees in a better way. The employees in your organization will experience a better work atmosphere to put maximum effort and productivity. This will be very useful for your organizational growth. Moreover, this will help you to retail your employees efficiently.

Integrate crucial employee data

Managing each employee's data manually is a time-consuming task for your human resource management. Losing track of the essential data will create deformities in various steps of employee management. It can even bring several issues with payroll processes. It will result in employee dissatisfaction and will reflect on their work. All the data regarding HR, such as onboarding, time off, attendance, payroll, tasks, and many more operations, can be kept in a single, centralized system. The system offers you better operational efficiency, security, privacy, etc.

Better understanding

Launching OpenHRMS software into your organization will provide a better understanding between your organization and employees. A strong bond will take place between them.

Reduce errors

The digital, centralized OpenHRMS system helps you to reduce human errors and offers better efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.

Data Security

OpenHRMS platform ensures data security, and the system provides role-based access. And the platform enforces strict data security, and it is highly efficient.

Report Analysis

The OpenHRMS platform offers an exclusive report analysis section for its various modules. The reporting feature is a very effective feature for gaining knowledge about each operation, and it is the best method to oversee operations and performances.

The modules available in the OpenHRMS platform, along with a short description, are given below:

Sl. No. Title Description
1 Official Announcements The central aim of the OpenHRMS Announcement module is to assist the organization in managing its official and essential announcements.
2 Recruitments The Recruitment module will bring down the worries and complications regarding the recruitment process. The Recruitment module will take care of all the operational steps of your company recruitment, such as job advertisement, receiving and hiring applications, scrutinizing received applications, arranging interviews, etc. No more headaches for the HR department.
3 Attendance Regularization Easily manage the attendances of your organization. This module can be used to reduce the risk factors of manual attendance systems.
4 HR Reminders The well-equipped Reminders module included in the OpenHRMS software will act as an excellent reminder to remind you of everything you need in your organization. Business appointments, HR tasks, and important dates are not forgotten anymore.
5 Employee Appraisal The module will provide insight into the need for a digital appraisal system. The OpenHRMS Appraisal module helps you to implement various appraisal strategies, and the module includes excellent features for conducting appraisal programs. With the help of this module, you can have a comparative evaluation, and you can award timely rewards and feedback for your employees' performances.
6 Overtime Management The Overtime Requests module in the OpenHRMS platform helps you manage your employees' overtime requests. The employee overtime requests are created within a few seconds.
7 Payroll The Payroll module offers effortless payroll management. The module will soothe the complex payroll operation as a piece of cake. All the financial records of the employee such as salaries, deductions, bonuses, expenses, and many more will be handled.
8 Custody The Custody module in the OpenHRMS system will help your organization to manage company properties. All the properties possessed by the organization will be tracked.
9 Employee Resignation The employee resignation processes are very easily handled with the OpenHRMS Resignation module. Very few clicks are required for creating, managing, and tracking employee resignations.
10 Employee History The Employees module in the OpenHRMS platform acts as the repository to keep all records of your working employees.
11 Leave Request Aliasing Employee leaves and the operations related to leaves management are efficiently handled here.
12 Leave Multi-level Approval The Leave Multi-Level Approval module is crafted to manage employee holidays with multi-level approvals.
13 Employee Info With the Employee Info module, the developers aim to offer some advanced features on the Employees module. The module allows you to embrace family information. Also allows you to keep the record of employee joining date, and contact information. Passport details, ID expiry date, and attachments are also possible with this module. The module helps its users even receive expiry notifications for passports and IDs to corresponding employees.
14 Employees From User One of the components of the OpenHRMS suite Employees From User is helps you to create employees while creating a user.
15 Employee Checklist The Employee Checklist module aims to provide a checklist to indicate the proceedings regarding the employee joining or resigning. This module will cover all the procedures and processes before an employee joins or resigns time.
16 Employee Insurance Management The Employee Insurance Management module in the OpenHRMS suite is the best platform for keeping track of the insurance details sanctioned for the employees. You can properly manage the insurance allowance with the salary. All the complex tasks associated with insurance management will be handled flawlessly.
17 Employee Document Management The OpenHRMS Employee Document Management module is a powerful tool that can assist you to keep and maintain all the employee-related documents such as licenses, certificates, important reports, and many more. Also, have the provision to set alert messages to inform expirations.
18 Employee Shift Management The information and operations associated with the employee work shift are scrutinized. Also allows you to assign new shifts automatically.
19 Employee Background Verification Employee Background Verification helps you to verify the employee's background via a verification agent, and the agent can hand over the details to the manager. Consequently, you can easily take the decision of accepting or rejecting the employee.
20 Employee Branch Transfer Management The Employee Branch Transfer Management module is efficient in managing employee transferring processes. with the help of the module, an organization can simply transfer employees between branches.
21 HR Dashboard The Dashboard module offered by the OpenHRMS will encompass various metrics designed to easily use, view, and share data. This module provides overall details about all the operations and performance of the applications.
22 Advance Salary OpenHRMS Advance Salary module is a tiny component of the OpenHRMS suite. The module is highly efficient in managing your employees' salary advance requests. This module is adaptable for configuring advance salary rules, regulating advance salary limits, and the minimum number of days, and effectively issuing advance salaries to employees.
23 Employee Loan Management OpenHRMS Loan Management system enables you to automate every step of loan processing starting from inspecting to closure. The module gives an opportunity to the employees to request a loan, and they can easily submit it for approval. The managers or the concerned authorities can take suitable actions after verifying the details.
24 Loan Accounting The OpenHRMS Loan Accounting module is the best platform for handling the loan requests of employees.
25 Vacation Management The Vacation Management module in the OpenHRMS suite is efficient enough for managing all employee vacations. The module efficiently handles the tasks such as approval of remaining leaves, Leave salary, Overlapping leaves, Vacation travel expense, Leave notification, updating pending tasks, and reassigning tasks.
26 Biometric Device Integration The Biometric Device Integration module can be used to automate HR attendance.
27 HR Service Request Every service request on the side of employees can be handled using the HR Service Request module.
28 HR Multi-Company It is efficient in managing multi companies and the system allows you to consider multiple companies separately.
29 OpenHRMS Core The highly efficient human resource management software, OpenHRMS Core, handles every process of human resources and carries all the OpenHRMS features together into your system.
30 HR Legal Actions The HR Legal Actions module is highly competitive for taking care of all the legal actions of employees, customers, and suppliers.
31 HR Custody Management The HR Custody management module is considered as the ideal solution to ensure the safety of the company resources.
32 Disciplinary Tracking The OpenHRMS Disciplinary Tracking module will help the organization smoothly handle the disciplinary issues of the employees.
33 Gratuity Settlement The Gratuity Settlement module is an absolute solution for creating gratuity settlements for employees at the time of resignation.
34 HR Organizational Chart The HR Organizational Chart module involved in the OpenHRMS platform offers the organizational hierarchy chart of the employees. This module is very useful for the managers and the HR department of an organization.
35 OpenHRMS GOSI The GOSI module involved in the OpenHRMS platform helps you to manage the GOSI contribution from the employees and employers in Saudi Arabia.
36 WPS Report Generation for UAE The WPS Report Generation for UAE module discusses the wage protection system report that tracks UAE accounting. The salary information file of employees can be easily generated in XLSX format.