Leave Request Aliasing

Open HRMS encompasses several developed features for its users in order to simplify the overall management of HR operations in an organization. The Leave Request Aliasing is one such feature in Open HRMS for leave request automation from incoming emails. For large business enterprises, managing leave requests of employees one by one will be a tiring task. With the help of the Open HRMS Leave Request Aliasing module, it is possible to automate the generation of leave requests through incoming emails from employees.

This chapter will give you a detailed description of the Open HRMS Leave Request Aliasing module.

Emails containing specific context and email IDs defined by the company HR department will be considered for the automatic generation of leave requests. There will be no need for re-entering the data which will save the time and effort of the HR department. An employee can send their leave request in a pre-defined format via their authorized email id. Corresponding leave entries will be automatically configured under the Time Off of that employee.

Just like any other modules in Open HRMS, this module also can be installed from the AppStore.

 Open HRMS Book Leave Request Aliasing

This field can be used to set up a generic email alias for employees to automate leave request generation. You can create a general pattern for leave request emails which can be used by all employees in your company. This predefined pattern will simplify the leave request management of the HR department. The Subject of the email can be set as LEAVE REQUEST_(name of the employee)_ (date from, date to). Set a Domain in the corresponding field which can be used to send leave requests.

In order to manage requests from incoming emails, first, you need to configure the incoming mail server in your database. Then, make sure that all employees in your company are provided with a registered email address for office work so that they can send requests from a valid ID. After confirming all these factors, an employee can send a request from the specified domain. Following the pre-defined pattern will help to easily identify the leave requests of employees from other emails.

The system will automatically create the leave record of the employee in the Time Off module where the HR officer or manager can manage them accordingly.

 Open HRMS Book Leave Request Aliasing

This module is basically designed to simplify the leave management of employees by the HR department of medium to large-size enterprises.