The business world around us is tremendously growing and changing day by day. As a part of expanding their businesses, many companies open associate companies or branches across the world. The responsibility of the parent company is huge in the case of managing all financial and internal operations of each branch. It is essential to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the business management of each branch or associated company in order to attain success in the overall performance of the parent organization. In Open HRMS, you will get adequate options to manage multiple companies in the same system.

No matter the locations of the branches of a company, you can efficiently operate all financial and crucial business procedures in the same system by associating the branches in the open HRMS. The human resource management department of a company can effectively cooperate and monitor the HR responsibilities of multiple companies with the assistance of the Open HRMS Multi-Company feature. This will streamline the HR operations and reduce difficulties in managing branches separately.

This new feature can be accessed by installing the Multi-Company module from the Open HRMS App Store.

 Open HRMS Book multi-company

After installing this module, whenever you create or manage a form related to HR operations, you will be able to get a specified field to mention the company.

In the case of attendance management of employees in different companies, you can mention the name of the company that the employee belongs to in the specified field. This feature will ensure effortless management of attendance of employees across various companies.

 Open HRMS Book multi-company

Similarly, the management of leave requests of various employees working at the same company in different branches can be smoothly carried out with the help of the Multi-Company feature.

 Open HRMS Book multi-company

The Multi-Company feature will be a blessing for companies to seamlessly organize all operations of subsidiary companies in a single place.