Department Analysis Dashboard

The dashboard module is beneficial for both the employees and the managers. When we discuss the manager's side, they can have a complete view of their company operations because the dashboard window provides various business analyses. The window gives you a department analysis of the employees working in the company.

 Open HRMS Book

Here you can view the Pie diagram that offers you the department wise analysis, and it gives the employee proportion with their departments. The reports are generated in different color formats. Here in the window, the green shade denoted the Sales department, dark blue shows Marketing, and the light shade represents Administration. This pie chart analysis will give the user insight into the various departments associated with this company. Apart from the diagrammatic representation, each data will be described on the right hand side with the department name and number of employees in each department. By viewing this report, the user can have a clear idea about the strength of each department, and they can have an analysis of which department has more strength and which is less.