Monthly Leave Analysis Dashboard

If you scroll down the window, you will see a Monthly Leave Analysis, as shown in the image below.

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This monthly leave analysis will be very useful to the managers or the responsible authorities to have a leave analysis of the employees from all departments. The system also displays the department wise leave percentage, which will provide a quick overview of the time offs.

Monthly Join/ Resign Analysis

The Dashboard module included in the OpenHRMS platform is the dedicated system that showcases the operations' overall analysis. It even depicts the monthly joining and resigning details of the company. The graphical analysis will envision the user about the joining and resigning count.

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Attrition Rate

The Attrition Rate analysis will provide the user with an insight into the customer retention rate of your company. The Attrition rate analysis will allow you to understand how much the company has the ability to retain its employees. By viewing this graphical representation, the user can take suitable actions to retain your employees.

Upcoming Birthdays, Upcoming Events, Upcoming Announcements

The OpenHRMS Dashboard module provides you with the opportunity to recall your upcoming events, birthdays and announcements. When you scroll down the Dashboard module display, you will see the options,as shown in the screenshot below.

The Upcoming Birthdays tab showcases the details of your employees' birthdays. It will be an outstanding feature that helps the user remember their employees' or colleagues' birth dates so that they can plan parties and surprises.

The Upcoming Events tab also will be a useful feature that will act as an alert message to remind the user about the upcoming events. Similarly, the window will manage the important announcements

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