The Department menu displayed under the Configuration tab can be used for pre-configuring various departments. As a result, you can easily choose an appropriate department when creating a job position. All the preconfigured department names will be displayed in the Department field of the Job Position and application creation forms.

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Here, you can view a preview of all the previously configured departments. The information regarding each department is listed: Display Name, Company, Manager, Employees, and Parent Department. Here also, you have various sorting options. The default filter options described here are Unread Messages and Archived. You can easily customize multiple filters and group by options using the customizing option.To create a new department, click on the Create button. Now you will depict a creation form capable of producing a well-defined department record.

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First, you can mention the Department Name in the provided space. Then allocate the Parent Department. The Manager responsible for this department can be defined under the Manager field. The company name will be displayed by default based on the information we gave in the settings. In the case of multiple companies, you should mention the suitable one.

As we are clear on the Department option, let us discuss the Activity Type menu.